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BTF-LIGHTING:SP601E Controller Installation&Operation Tutorial

by LEE BTF-LIGHTING on April 28, 2021

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📢SP601E Controller Features:

✅①Dual ports output: Can't Control SK6812RGBW IC. Two signal output ports work independently, the lighting effect of each port is independent without one impacting the other. Make the whole project look cooler and more colorful. Select the output port you want to control in the APP. If your LED light is 5V, please use a 5V power supply.

✅②Built-in microphone: It captured the sound of the outside world. The Sensitivity isn't Adjusted. 12kinds of musical lighting effects+24 kinds of Special effects+16 million monochromes. Each signal port can control 600 pixels max. It can adjust the speed, brightness, channel order, etc Group Control. Timer function You can set the same time every day to light the strip, you can select the lighting effect to light up. The controller cannot cut off the power, otherwise, the alarm clock record will be cleared. Up to 5 timers can be set

✅③DC5V, DC12V, or DC24V. Voltage depends on your LED strip. The voltage of the two LED strips should be the same. Do not use a DC12V or DC24V power supply to supply the DC5V light strip. If the effect is stuck, please add voltage to the LED strip in time. Can not support the SK6812RGBW LED strip. Press the remote lock key for 5 seconds to lock the remote.

✅④Customized color by hand. you can enter the most accurate color according to the color property of RGB by hand. You can create 16 million monochrome effects. You also can adjust the color order when you light up red the LED strip is green, you can calibrate this.