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WS2813 DC5V Led Pixel Strip Dual-signal
WS2813 DC5V Led Pixel Strip Dual-signal
WS2813 DC5V Led Pixel Strip Dual-signal
WS2813 DC5V Led Pixel Strip Dual-signal
WS2813 DC5V Led Pixel Strip Dual-signal
WS2813 DC5V Led Pixel Strip Dual-signal
WS2813 DC5V Led Pixel Strip Dual-signal
WS2813 DC5V Led Pixel Strip Dual-signal
WS2813 DC5V Led Pixel Strip Dual-signal
WS2813 DC5V Led Pixel Strip Dual-signal
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WS2813 DC5V Led Pixel Strip Dual-signal

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The price is only Led Strip, Not Included Power Supply or Led Controller!

WS2813 Must Use DC5V Power Supply AND Led Controller to Control!

Every 0.5meter with solder joints, please note!

Main feature:

One pixel damaged will not affect the other LEDs'working, Dual signal wires version, Signal can jump to transfer


LED Light Source: WS2813 LEDs ( Same Protocol as WS2811S But With Dual-Signal Wires,So Can Be Controlled by the Same WS2811/ws2812 Controllers)

Input Voltage: DC 5V

Power: 30 Leds/M --- 9 Watt/Meter  /  60 Leds/M --- 18 Watt/Meter  /  144 Leds/M --- 43.2 Watt/Meter

LED Resource: WS2813 led (5050 SMD RGB LED with built-in improved version of ws2811 ic)

LED: Each LED is separately controlled

IC Type: Improved version ws2813 IC(built inside the 5050 smd rgb led)

Of IC: (1 IC drives 1 led chip)

Pixels: 30Leds/60Leds/144Leds/meter

Pitch: 16.6mm(1000/64)

Grey Scale: 256

Colors: Full color RGB, dream color changing

Bits/Color: 8-Bits/Color

FPC Color: BLACK / White

FPC Width: 30 Leds/M --- 10 MM  /  60 Leds/M --- 10 MM  /  144 Leds/M --- 12 MM

Protection Rate: IP30 Non-Waterproof  /  IP65 Waterproof in Silicon Coating  /  IP67 Waterproof in Silicon Tube

Cuttable: Every LED is cuttable

Package: In anti-static bag, IP30 IP65 with 3M adhensive tape on the back (IP67 without 3M adhensive), each strip with one free male connector for connector

Working Temperature: -40 - 70 °C

Storage Temperature: -50 - 80 °C

Source Life: 50,000 hours

Connector: 4PIN connector terminal pair  (Red: 5V power, Green: Date line, Blue: standby date line, Black: GND)

Recommand controllers: T-1000s,T-8000A;T-100K;T-200K;T-300K


(1)One pixel damaged will not affect the other LEDs working.

(2)The power protection,if +5V and GND reverse polarity,the LED will not be burned.

(3) Dual signal wires version, signal can jump to transfer.

(4)The original electronic devices integrated,it does not cause virtual welding in the installation process.

1, all the electronic components are integrated in a 5050 lamp beads, it does not require any other peripheral auxiliary electronic components to form a complete external control pixels. While reducing the product at the time of installation inverted Weld, caused by poor.

2, serial cascade interface, dual-line signal transmission, to achieve the functions of HTTP, which under a single pixel without causing damage to its lower pixel normal lighting, silk ho does not affect the overall results.

3, intelligent reverse polarity protection, product installation access 5V power supply in case of reverse, will not cause damage to the lamp beads.

4, built-in signal shaping circuit, any one pixel after receiving the signal through the waveform shaping and then output to ensure line waveform distortion will not accumulate.

5, the transmission distance between any two points in less than 5 meters without any additional signal amplification circuit.

6, when a refresh rate of 30 frames / sec, the number of cascades of not less than 1024 points.

7, the data transmission speed of up to 800Kbps. Light color consistency, cost-effective.

LED WS2813 Symphony light strip Function Description:

Happy control a single lamp, water, windows, rear meteor, chasing, pattern change animation, video, text, and so on. Use of the lamp, in which a pixel bad, does not affect the normal operation of other lights so as not to affect the overall results. Any color can show, random combinations into any pattern, in particular made light of the screen to use. No separate address to write to the lamp can be achieved HTTP, installation easier. Meanwhile lamp beads which also integrates a capacitive resistance, so that electronic components do not need to be on board the auxiliary light bar, thus increasing the stability of the product.

LED WS2813 strip use for:

The product rich colors and bright light, high visibility, more visually appealing. Is widely used in the corridor wall, indoor decoration, product model decorative lighting, decorative lighting consoles, speakers decorative lighting, entertainment, wine cooler bar backlight, smallpox backlight, LED light boxes, LED luminous signs, aquarium supplies, car decoration etc., it is to replace the traditional neon signs, fluorescent lamps and a new generation of lighting.